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Boat scratch & dent repair

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Perth boat scratch & dent removal – mobile or workshop options

Our Services

Fibreglass boat repairs

  • Minor repairs- gel coat chips to small paint touchups
  • Hull assessments – for stress fractures delaminations, etc
  • Fibreglass repairs for kayak hull & interior

Fiberglass jetski repairs

  • Minor repairs – gel coat chips to small paint touchups
  • Under hull skids plates – for hull protection

Boat detailing

  • Wet detailing
  • Stainless & Metal Polishing
  • Fibreglass & Paintwork
  • Regular Wash
  • Interior Detailing

Our Suppliers

Get a quote

    We can provide quotes via SMS and phone where photos are provided and can also organize on-site visits to quote repairs to your damage. For small damage, we can repair in your driveway but for larger jobs, we provide workshop repairs. You can simply leave your boat in our secure workshop for a few days while we do the repairs.